Is it effect or affect? Its or it’s?
Should there be a comma there? Why doesn’t it sound right? What does this mean?

Nothing confuses your customers/readers and brands your endeavour as unprofessional faster than typos, grammatical errors, questionable punctuation, awkward sentence flow, and unclear meaning in your written material. And if you think such problems can’t negatively impact your readership and your sales, think again!

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy developing your concept and putting your ideas together — don’t let error and ambiguity thwart your efforts by omitting the crucial step of professional editing and proofreading prior to publication, a phase that is never forgone by the best authors and the wisest composers of written content.

Allow me to take care of the mundane mechanics of the English language while you focus on your overall vision.

I am an experienced editor offering reliable, accurate copy editing services at reasonable prices to help you make the most of your message or manuscript. Whether you are part of a corporation’s communications or research department, an independent author of fiction or non-fiction, a publishing house seeking an editing contractor, a blogger, or the owner of a small business or website, I can help make your project the best that it can be.

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Sylvia McCluskey, BAA, MBA

Independent Copy Editor
Toronto 416-707-5764

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Member of the Editors’ Association of Canada




P.S. Is it their or they’re? Or there? Let me sort it out for you!


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“Lady Silver did the editing
Kaleidoscope. Her work
was meticulous and she
caught inaccuracies and
continuity problems that
could easily have slipped by.
I highly recommend her
as an Editor!”

—Lidia Adaman-Tremblay, Author, Kaleidoscope

"Sylvia provided the detailed
editing skills I needed for
my dry subject of accounting.
She provided great quality
work at a reasonable rate
and I will definitely be using
her services again. …
Top qualities: Good value,
on time, high integrity."

—Kim Freestone,
Freelance Bookkeeper,
Office Foundations


Professional Copy Editing
and Design

Creating Clarity from Chaos

Sylvia McCluskey, BAA, MBA
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